Dana Cup SportsCenter and Park Vendia Hostel

The Dana Cup SportsCenter and Park Vendia Hostel is the perfect place for your sports camp. We organize training camps for football, swimming, tennis, golf, handball, floorball, basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Together with our owners, Fortuna Hjørring we can offer training games and tutorials with elite coaches and players from one of Denmark´s most successful women´s soccer clubs. We can offer training and games on both grass fields and artificial fields.

For swimmers we offer training in the ultra modern Aquatic Center Park Vendia.

The brand new FiberHallen (built in 2015) is a double sports hall with 2 courts for handball, indoor soccer and floor ball. The hall also has 10 badminton courts. Joined to the FiberHallen is the HALLEN Park Vendia, with a single court that has the same sports as the FiberHallen as well as basketball.

At the Vendia Fitness center, our guests receive discounted rates to train.

Dana Cup SportsCenter/Park Vendia Hostel Facilities and Sports Facilities

Dana Cup SportsCenter/Park Vendia Hostel Facilities Sports Facilities
24 rooms for 4 persons 3 indoor sports halls
1 room for 5 persons 50 m indoor swimming pool
3 rooms for 6 persons Tennis courts
6 cabins for 4 persons Athletic track
All rooms with toilet, shower and TV 2 articifial fields 
Free Wi-Fi Grassed fields
Relaxation area with widescreen TV, game consoles and more Fitness center
Nutritional breakfast buffet - after your own wishes Goal Station 

Save time and money!

All of our sporting facilities are within walking distance of the Dana Cup SportsCenter. So no wasting time or money on extra transport. 

We look forward to meeting your wishes and needs.